Agriculture and Climate Change

This article argues that “Rather than attempting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically, agriculture is becoming a unit of accounting permitting emissions to continue or even increase,” the statement warns, explaining that precious farmland resources are increasingly seen as a valuable “carbon sinks” to promote market-based climate solutions that offset and trade emissions without a real reduction. According to the coalition of environmental groups, such schemes are “misguided solutions.”

from “Social Movements Warn COP22 Could Accelerate Climate Catastrophe”

By teleSUR 16 November 16

Agriculture and land grabs aren’t at the center of the climate change debate, a fact that will imperil the planet.

How can we put agriculture at the center of the debate?

What Are Shallots Good For?

Shallots are one of the healthiest vegetables you can add to your diet. With strong anticancer properties and cardiovascular benefits, your body will surely benefit from using shallots in your recipes every now and then. Just remember, shallots are not onions, and therefore have their own taste.  At VCG we’ve had good luck growing shallots and are thinking of increasing our plots.  Learn more at this link:

The French chop them raw and add to lettuce salads with oil and vinegar–that’s all.  You can saute them with mushrooms or any stir fry.