Farming and Your Health

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has provided several articles on the new farm bill.  Here is the link:

Here is their introduction:

This month the House of Representatives will vote on a massive piece of legislation called the farm bill. This bill has a big impact on our food, air and water, but this year Congress is giving Big Ag exactly what it wants.

The proposed bill rolls back critical environmental protections, allows millionaire landowners to continue lining their pockets with taxpayer dollars and does nothing to help the millions of Americans struggling to put healthy food on the table.

Here are the titles:
6 Strikes Against the House Farm Bill

As House Weighs GOP Farm Bill, Subsidy Spending Keeps Soaring

5 Ways House Farm Bill Would Roll Back Protections from Pesticides

House Committee’s Farm Bill Would Make It Easier for Millionaires to Get Subsidies

Top 8 Farm Subsidy Loopholes