Early October Report from Debbie


The following is Debbie’s note in email at the start of October 2022.

Oct. 1, 2022

Greetings –

October already! Perfect weather to be working in the Garden with the sounds of cranes overhead. They seem to be here early this year. In the Garden we are still harvesting tomatoes, and we will have plenty of green ones up until the first frost which often comes mid October. Bell peppers too and in the next few months, leeks. More greens are coming up in the GH to get us through the winter. We continue to plant lettuce, kale, radishes and spinach there.

One corn patch has been taken down and we need to work on the other one. The one inside inside the fence will become a garlic patch so we need to clean out the weeds and grass to make it ready for the October GARLIC planting around the 15th. Erika will get garlic bulbs from the Belen Farmers Market. those that she got last year did well. Let’s add the compost that Linda has sifted from the bins and also rake up the last of the rotting leaves in the big compost area from last fall. That plus some horse manure will make for good rich soil. A 2nd garlic patch could go where the onions were.

It’s a great year for apples – yellow delicious at our Garden and in other neighbours’ yards too.

That’s all I know for now. Debbie