Gardens Update for 4/24/15

What we did on Wed.
Steve led a team of Erin, Amber, and Della and dug the creeping burmuda grass out of another circle plot. Geri gave tender care to the asparagus patch and the greenhouse. Deb turned the compost pile and then she and Patricia weeded the onions and set up a fence for the baby peas in the shed plot. Linda weeded the shallots. We watered again with the little pump. The junior gardeners watered, hauled away the Bermuda grass, and ate popcorn and apples. I replaced ID signs and cleaned up the shed plot. It was a great day of work and fun. Continue reading

Gardens Update for 4/16/15

Wednesday, April 15
A whirlwind day of work and, well, wind! A new garden wagon was dropped off by Layne Hedrick and it was put immediately to work by the hardworking children. They put rocks, then compost and soil in the 4 large pots at each corner of the trellis and then planted beans.
Erin, Amber, Deb and Della reclaimed the old tomato plot behind our welcome sign and prepped it for a future corn crop. The kids discovered worms and grubs and now they know why there are white perforated pipes around the circle. The found worms have a new home.
Ron and Steve continue to work on the enlarged fenced area for future tomatoes. We watered until the wind drove us home. The last I saw of Geri she was engulfed in a pile of branches she was trimming off the north bushes. True grit!
Welcome back Bethel Little and Patricia Clemens! Missed you both. jjh Continue reading

Garden Updates for 4/10

Saturday, 4/4…..

A wonderful weather day for gardening and since we are trying to rotate our crops, Ron and Steve enlarged the fencing around the north tomato plot while Molly, Lisa, and Bernie prepped the plot on the west end of the greenhouse and then planted broccoli, carrots, and lettuce. We have to at least temporarily covered the prepped and planted plots to keep the neighbor’s chickens from eating the seeds and taking dirt baths. We are using green plastic landscaper’s fencing which allows the young plants to grow up through the grid. Geri, William, and Rosie planted earth boxes and worked in the GH. Ingrid was water captain and did a great job getting the little pump with two double hoses around to everything that needed a drink. Suzanne weeded and watered the jasmine plants along East fence with Della and Michael’s help. Della planted more garlic to fill in an existing patch…we’ll see how that works and I painted large signs on scrap wood to ID the various plots. We also put the seed packet, a date and workers on a card, inside a freezer bag, and tie it to a stake at each plot. Continue reading

Garden Update for 4/3/2015

Saturday, 3/28

Ron got to the garden early and had it mostly measured and mapped. Steve helped on the final measurements. Steve sold a number of hoes out of the back of his car and now is ordering another 2 dozen. Those people that are already using them find them wonderful to wipe out spring weeds. We have a good place to sharpen them now. Bernie, Lisa, and Rosie weeded, prepped, and planted a plot with two rows of onions. Della, William, Michael, and Rosie had great fun filling pots with seed starting compost for Geri in the greenhouse. Deb brought a plot rotation map and made some decisions on what/where we plant next. Molly planted peas in the shed plot.
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