Guide for Growing Onions at Home

I’ve never had luck growing onions so when I saw onions at the community garden exposed on top of the soil a few years back I thought weird, but apparently, that’s how to do it.  I also learned onions are biennials, which explains why mine at home came up again the second year.

  • Biennials are deemed short-lived perennials, typically taking two growing seasons to complete their life cycle. In the first growing season, plants produce only foliage. In the second, they produce flowers and set seed, often early in the season.

From this article I also learned yellow onions are the best to plant in our Zone 7.

Growing Garlic

This article has some good advice even though the video features a grower from down under, so don’t listen to the advice for when to plant except that the recommendation to plant after the first frost in our fall is a sound one, I think.