DUG: Urban Community Garden in Denver

Research Proves that Community Gardens Work!   According to https://www.dug.org/research-proves-community-gardens-work/ (updated 1.04.17)

Do you want to be a part of proven-effective methods that improve health and well-being for your neighbors?  https://dug.org/

Support your local community garden.  One way is to donate a book to Valencia Community Gardens’ Little Free Library. 


Little FREE Garden Library


We just installed a Little Free Library at Valencia Community Gardens on Silva Road in Tomé. Now we need to let the neighborhood know. We have mostly gardening books and books on food so far, but we’re hoping to increase our inventory of children’s books. It would be especially nice to have some books by Rudolfo Anaya and Nicolas Otero, in particular How Chile Came to New Mexico and How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico. Thanks to Julianne (Jules) Caldarera for all her help.  To learn more about free libraries, go here:  https://littlefreelibrary.org/


How we did it:
Pati and Joyce bought a used cabinet from the Habitat Restore. Kathy Rhoades gave us some house siding. Ron covered the cabinet with the siding, and used the scrap roofing from a Whitfield project. Pati Woodard designed and painted most of it and Joyce helped.. Gary Hutchinson used an old steel fence post and welded a platform to one end. All four mounted it in place.  We’re hoping it’s a neighborhood hit.